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The Blueberry Becomes the State Fruit of Mississippi as Gov. Tate Reeves Signs Bill into Law in front Mannsdale Upper Elementary School Students who Inspired the Bill.jack



Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves on Monday signed into law a bill designating the blueberry as the official state fruit after a group of fourth graders lobbied for the change.
A video shared by the governors office shows the students gathered around as he signs House Bill 1027 into law.
“This is all thanks to the initiative of these Mannsdale Upper Elementary School students. They led the way on this issue and rallied the legislature to their cause,” Reeves tweeted alongside the video. “I was happy to sign this legislation into law.”
The students in the 4th Grade Mississippi History class at the states only School of Innovation were researching blueberries in November last year when State Rep. Jill Ford visited to speak about how a bill becomes law.
Inspired by the students, Ford authored and sponsored the bill, designating Mississippis state fruit as the blueberry. The students then began a letter-writing campaign to gather support from other legislators.
Earlier this month, the students visited the Mississippi House of Representatives in Jackson and received a standing ovation in the House chamber, Madison County School wrote on Facebook.
“These little lobbyists enjoyed a personal tour led by Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann, visited with House Speaker Philip Gunn, met legislators to whom they wrote letters supporting the blueberry bill,” Madison County Schools said. “Without a doubt, these students will always remember their first-hand experience of the legislative process.”