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Environmental Activists Disrupt Annual UK Oil & Gas Fossil Fuel Shareholder Meeting



The annual general meeting of U.K. Oil and Gas PLC in London on Tuesday was disrupted by climate activists demanding an end to fossil fuels. A video shared by activist Mia Watanabe shows protesters with the activist group Fossil Free London holding banners and addressing executives of the onshore exploration and production company. One activist is forcibly removed from the room. A voice can be heard shouting, Youre assaulting him! A second protester at the front of the room stands to speak, and within moments she is physically pushed toward the back of the room by a man in a suit. The man walks away to confer with other executives. Were here to tell you to stop trashing our climate, the protester says. In another clip, an activist asks, What sort of corporation are you if people are assaulted in your agm? Company officials cut her off and adjourned the meeting. After the meeting was canceled, clips show protesters singing and chanting in the hall outside the meeting room, with police standing by.